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  1. Christy Contreras says:

    Hi there! I’m trying to find out who is handling the marketing/advertising for the upcoming Hoilday Fine Arts Market. I have some ideas and would love to get in touch if there is someone specifically I need to contact.

    Thank you,

    Christy Contreras

  2. Clelia Casey says:

    I am writing about Miles Burwell Abernethy, who was one of the founders and an early president of the Rockingham County Medical Society. Do you have any of the early records of its activities or know where such can be found? Clelia Casey, Charleston SC

    • rocmedassn says:

      Hi Clelia, I think our historian may have some of those records.

      • Clelia Casey says:

        How can I contact your historian? Thanks

        On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 2:11 PM, Rockingham County Medical Association wrote:

        > rocmedassn commented: “Hi Clelia, I think our historian may have some > of those records.”

  3. Clelia Casey says:

    How can I go about finding details from your historian? Thanks

  4. Daphyne Saunders Thomas says:

    Good morning
    I’m not sure of the current process for choosing your meeting presentations, but I’m on the board of The Community Foundation for Harrisonburg and Rockingham and they’d be interested in presenting at a Rockingham Medical Association meeting. The TCF is an organization that partners well–and often–with those in the medical profession in serving both philanthropic individual and nonprofit organization clients.

    TCF has developed a 7 minute video (called Dream Share Build) and is able to make a presentation in as little as 10 minutes although we prefer 15-20. Your consideration is appreciated and please let me know if you have questions This presentation would be more general, along the lines of how TCF can be a resource in serving you. If this is something of interest, please contact me at

    Daphyne Saunders Thomas
    Adolph Coors Professor of Business
    Department of Finance and Business Law
    MSC 0203 College of Business
    James Madison University
    Harrisonburg, VA 22807
    ph. 540.568.3070

    On Behalf of
    The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County
    P O Box 1068
    Harrisonburg, VA 22803

  5. Maryam Mahmoodian says:

    Is the medical association for physicians also, and if so, how do we become members?

    • rocmedassn says:

      Hi Maryam,

      I am sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you. We will be sending out membership letters in the mail. Or I will email them to you. We will be having our first event on September 11 at Bluestone Vineyard. I am updating the website today.

      Gail Arthur

  6. I’m a new family physician in Harrisonburg and was wondering if RCMA publishes a booklet with a list of all of the physicians in Harrisonburg. Thanks.

    • rocmedassn says:

      Yes, we publish a directory annually and distribute it to paid members. We will have some at the welcome coffee. I will send you our newsletter with information in it. Welcome to Harrisonburg.


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