RCMA donates over $10,000 to the community!

The board of RCMA met at McAlister’s Deli on May 7, 2012 to determine the yearly philanthropy.  The combination of Rockingham County Medical Society and Rockingham County Alliance has provided a solid financial base for RCMA.  Several successful fundraisers also netted funds to be disbursed to the community.  RCMA has received $5708.78 in fundraising income – Holiday Market (net) $1070.64, Holiday Wreath Sales (net) $411.57, Holiday Condo Raffle $775.00, Health Promotion Grant $500, and additional donations of $2951.57.

The distributions will be made as follows:

$2206 – “I Can Handle Bullies” and “Hands Are Not For Hitting”

Booklets for all city and county first and fourth grades

$400 –    AMA Foundation Grassroots Honor Fund

$1000   Big Brothers/Big Sisters (one year sponsorship for a child)

$600   Harrisonburg/Rockingham  Free Clinic (care for one patient for a year)

$1200   Mercy House (cost of renovation of one room)

$720     Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (food for a family for 2 mos)

$600     First Step (shelter for a family for two months)

$480     Harrisonburg Pregnancy Center (supplies for newborns)

$2815   RealCare babies for Harrisonburg City Schools

And we have an additional $1411.82 that is being held in order to purchase supplies for the RealCare simulators.    We will be donating over $11,000 to our community.

This May, RCMA will be sponsoring a discussion on Elder Law and health care.  Dr. Robert Rude, MD, JD will present “A Tour through Elder Law” on May 24, 2012 at 7pm in Meeting Room C2-C3 at Rockingham Memorial Hospital.  RCMA is making additional arrangements to have Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Bill Hazel speak in June on the changes the new Patient Care and Affordable  Care Act will make to health care in the Valley and Virginia.

Congratulations RCMA!


About rocmedassn

Chair, Rockingham County Medical Association
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